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Someone asked me out on an impromptu date tonight.

From the toys section, to the wedding gown aisle, to impromptu dinner, to an impromptu sleep-over complete with an impromptu dress-up/fashion show of most recent ukay items, to sabayang pag facebook stalk, to unli chikahan hanggang makatulog. High school hits lang. Haha! #bebegrrr #hindilangpangcrystal

To THE most fabulous of Marzeis, @iamrexinator, happy happy birthday! (But of course, we know how very competitive we all are as Marzeis, so each of us are claiming the title of the most fab. Haha! But today is your day so the title is all yours.)

I love you soooo much, lamuyan! And I miss you equally as much! I wish you another year of amazing stories and memories. Love you to the moon and back, Marz! Mwah!

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