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You know how when you were way younger, you’d always say you never want to be like your your parents? But now that you’re older, wiser, and more mature (you hope), you realize that, damn! They’re the coolest ever!

To the woman who has the right amount of grace and sass; the woman who who is all together kind and gentle, and extremely passionate and smart as well; the woman I call Mom; the woman I can only hope to become:

Happy birthday, Mom! I hope you know and feel that I love you very much.

Still digging up old college files and this comes up. My black & white negatives from Film 101! And I still have two packs of unused photo paper! Anyone got a dark room I can play around in? I’ll feed you!

And I’m serious.

#film #filmphotography #photography #negatives #slr #analog #bnw #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite (at Kamuning Road, Quezon City)

Going through old college stuff as I was moving out yesterday and I dig this find up. Readings! One of the subjects I thoroughly enjoyed for reasons beyond me. Haha. Art Studies with Dr. Abraham Sakili.

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